The Wightlink User Group needs your help.

We have been working hard since last November to get us all frequent, reliable and affordable ferry crossings. We now have nearly 5000 supporters and newbies are joining up every day.

But we now need a regular income to fund and extend our activities to increase our supporter numbers, expand our website, pay for printing, paper, stamps, envelopes. We want to carry out more research, gather more evidence and take forward the following initiatives:

  • Investigate a CMA challenge (Competition and Markets Authority)
  • Commission a University of Portsmouth report detailing how much more expensive it is to live on the Isle of Wight to strengthen our case to Government
  • Obtain a legal view on the mulitlink contracts
  • Undertake a broader advertising campaign to inform and gain more supporters.

So we are asking you to contribute to our “fighting fund.” We are very mindful of the tough time we are all experiencing so we want to make donating as easy and affordable as possible. You can make a one off donation and/or contribute as often as you wish to our event collection boxes but better still, set up a regular standing order to our bank account. You remain in control and can amend or cancel at any time. If all our supporters donate as little as £1 a month it will make a huge difference to our campaign.

Wightlink User Group Lloyds Business Current Account
Sort Code: 309950
Account: 83851868

Thank you so much for your support.

HonTreasurer, on behalf of The Wightlink User Group Committee.