Since asking for stories of how the cost and accessibility of having to get to and from the island has affected people, we have had some moving and real accounts.

We now know that there are many people who don’t live on the island but have elderly parents here , they find it financially debilitating when the time comes to visit to help support.

When requesting support, or at least the ability to purchase a multi-link pass from WL, they have been denied any help. This has left elderly and infirm residents isolated from their families and this has caused significant trauma. The same can be said for people who have to be hospitalised off the island with friends and relatives unable to afford to visit or care, as they cannot find the funds to do so.

We intend to compile a report detailing in what ways our community is impacted. It is clear that the investment companies (and very possibly pension funds) are able to enrich themselves at the expense of our own residents.

The plight that is being faced is of absolute no concern to the management of WL; it is improbable they would ever have to rely on NHS care and the expense of travelling across the water would never arise for them. Can you please keep your stories coming and send them to:

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