An evening with our MP

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An evening with our MP

Our (much longer than expected) meeting last night with Bob Seely was:

Heated, calm, productive, humourous, challenging, fraught, informative, constructive, surprising, shocking, honest, respectful, no holds barred….
One of the committee will write a press release with specific detials which we will share on the website and on here.
This was no photo opportunity and no cosy chat – and, I think others would agree, we have made real progress. It has been promised that we will be visiting Transport ministers, possibly health ministers and other associated representatives before the end of summer recess, if meetings can be arranged. We will be asking that we can also meet with Lord Berkeley and Baroness Vere and David Goss – all people involved with maritime travel.
Thank you so much to the committee for attending last night. It was worthwhile.
Watch this space ….

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