Forced to stay in Southsea

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I run my own salon in Southsea.. I used to commute every working day… mix of foot passenger Fastcat/Hover and car ferry.

I’m now FORCED to stay over in Southsea at least 4 nights a week away from home due to rising costs… impossible island connections therefore doubling my journey time.

I’m 64 and want to be at home.. not sleep in the back of a shop! When I moved to the island 7 years ago it was economical.. later foot passenger crossings and well timed connections.

Also many of my clients used to day trip to the island. This has now ceased due to the cost. The amount of holiday makers who I hear say “last time here for us.. can’t justify the ferry prices” is off the scale. The island is set for a big decline

– Steve Harrington

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