Isle of Wight ferry firms should offer free transport for the sick

Image: Isle of Wight County Press)
By Bill Wyke, Sandown

image – Isle of Wight County Press

I read with concern that the Isle of Wight Council is considering cutting its budget for helping people from the Island who have to go to the mainland hospitals for treatment.

Having had to use this service when my wife was dying/died of cancer I know what it means to be able to travel for treatment.

If this is the case, maybe the people who operate the ferries and make huge profits could step up to the plate and give some free travel places for both foot and car passengers.

They would not miss the revenue and it would show the people of the Island just how much they care about them there bread and butter (or I hope they care)?

At the same time it would let the people who have to make the journey not have the extra worry of the cost.

I hope that you feel you can print this and I will be interested to see the reaction of all parties concerned, including the public.

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