March 2022 Accounts

WightLink User Group

Wightlink accounts March 22. Published on 7th Jan 2023 for those that wish to view them they are available here.…

The highlights are:

A dividend of £8m was paid to shareholders in June 22 (after year end)

The Government Lifeline grant was increased by further £106k, taking the total now received to £1.93m

Directors pay rose from £598k to £653k.

Normal operating profits are now £18.9m, an operating profit margin of 26.6% which is record profitability based on recent years!

Excluding furlough support (which every company got), Wightlink received a covid insurance policy claim of £9.16m as well as the lifeline grant from the Government totalling £1.93m mentioned above. As a result of this they never made a loss (in a full accounting year) due to covid and are now at record profits just one year later.

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