You should be ashamed of yourself Wightlink!!!

WightLink User Experience

From A.N. On TrustPilot

Arrived at Wightlink Car Ferry for the 9.00pm sailing home to the Isle of Wight following a hospital appt for my poorly mother.

Got to the ferry at 8.30pm. No communication from Wightlink that the ferry was cancelled until 10.10pm. Told 3 different reasons why ferry was cancelled then told 11pm was cancelled and no guarantee that would be able to sail on 5am. I asked if my poorly mother who has cancer could be taken on the boat just for comfort and warmth. Told by Wightlink no. Shamed on you Wightlink. No communication, no customer service and left my poorly mother in a cold car for up to 8 hours without any consideration or duty of care for her wellbeing. At one stage I was told by Wightlink staff that I should park my car up and walk my dying mother around to the fast cat.

Are you serious Wightlink ????? Disgrace does not come close to how you have behaved this evening.

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