Isle of Wight ferry fare slammed as ‘daylight robbery’


Regarding the letter from Maureen Mansell who had been charged £125 by Wightlink for a single journey (CP 24-12-23).

I can trump that by £50 having been charged £175 for a single journey from Portsmouth to Fishbourne on December 23.

I had booked for the previous day using a Multilink pass but thanks to a cancelled BA flight from Poland arrived 24 hours late.

As a consequence, in order to get back to pick up my dogs from care, I was forced to pay a rate that was frankly daylight robbery.

I thought piracy had been outlawed but obviously it continues to be practiced unchallenged on the Solent.

Perhaps the ferry companies should fly the Jolly Roger on their vessels!


Graham Chubb, Yarmouth

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