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A letter you may feel inclined to copy, paste and send to a political party of your choice?

Dear (political party of your choice) MP,

On the Isle of Wight many of us are keen to see a change of government. If this could be combined with (candidate of your choice) becoming one of the Island’s new MPs it would be an excellent result.

The country has been under a Tory Government for thirteen years, but we on the Island have had a Tory MP for twenty three years. The island needs a change.

One of our biggest challenges is our access to the mainland. Our young people are marooned simply because of the cost.  Aspiration, ambition and accessibility are all stifled as the duopoly that exists with our two ferry companies severely restrict our ability to extend our lives beyond a small island with limited opportunities.

Our elderly who have relatives on the mainland are separated from their families – because of the cost, visits are infrequent. This prevents families from providing regular care which causes huge distress on both sides.

You may be aware that the Isle of Wight is consistently at the bottom of the academic league tables, we have high unemployment and poverty compared to the rest of the UK, particularly the South.  Seaside regions tend to suffer disproportionately; given we have a number of ‘seasides’ our difficulties are multiplied.

I believe that there really could be a (party of your choice) MP on this island – the campaign  could succeed if all members of your party get behind (name) and their campaign to add Ferries and a PSO to your manifesto.

This support will show us that our Island is important to the (political) Party, and that our young and our elderly actually matter.  It may overturn the current Tory majority and change all our lives.  

Yours hopefully,


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